Celina Mancurti - Faire

Vida Canvas Bag


A bin for all seasons. It’s an appealing floor decoration! Use it to stow blankets or magazines, baby’s toys and stuffed animals! Store toiletries in the bathroom, or even create a home sweet home for your favorite plant. This handcrafted, 13-inch-wide canvas basket meets all those needs and more. This oh-so-natural canvas basket is handmade from heavyweight, 100% cotton, with a removable rigid-based linen lining that gives it more structure. Its leather strap is also removable using its brass buttons for easy clean. Shape the basket to your liking. Adjust it for the height you need: It is 14 inches tall, and may be shortened to 11 inches tall with a few simple folds and adjustment of the brass buttons. Leather strap

  • Size: 28” x 1.5”
  • Care: Dry clean only Leather will be darker with time and use
  • Made in USA

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