Succulents + Salt Experience


6:30 - 7:30 p.m. - Build-Your-Own Succulent Arrangement

Start this workshop by arranging your very own succulent garden using a selection of our hand-poured concrete vessels and farm-fresh succulents. Get your hands dirty while potting and arranging succulents with tumbles stones, sand, moss or crystals. 

7:30 - 8:30 p.m. - Build-Your-Own Bath Salt Soak

End your workshop experience by creating your own organic lavender infused bath soak. Our products are made from the cleanest, most sustainable ingredients that detoxify and relieve stress. Mix our himalyan salt with customized essential oils and dried flowers to create your own special blend.


Build-Your-Own Succulent Arrangement includes:

· Farm-fresh Succulent Varieties to Plant

· 2 Hand-Poured Mini Concrete Vessel OR 1 Large Concrete Vessel

· Decorative Elements: Rocks, Moss, Sand, Crystals

· Succulent Instructions/Care Information


Build-Your-Own Bath Salt Soak Includes:

· Soaking Salts, Essential Lavender Oil and Organic Dried Lavender

· Custom Packaging and Label

· Sweet + Savory Snacks

· Serene Spa Space + Music

· 15% off all EXP Retail (during workshop hours)


Please note: This class requires at least 5 students to run. We will contact you directly if we do not have the numbers we need to teach on a particular date.

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