Sexual Wellness Experience

Emerge yourself in the ultimate form of self-love in this educational seminar.  Obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Joelle Lieman, leads the course with an informational session on women's intimate wellness. We'll educate you on the changes in our bodies that come naturally with age, + how to turn back the hands of time with multiple non-invasive treatment options. An untimed Q+A will be held, so be sure to bring us all your deepest questions + concerns. 
Full Experience Includes: 
- Sexual Wellness Education + Treatment Options
- Personalized Sexual Wellness Consult
- Sweet + Savory Snacks 
- Serene Spa Space + Music
- 20% off all Elite Sexual Wellness Procedures (during workshop hours)

Please note: This class requires at least 5 students to run. We will contact you directly if we do not have the numbers we need to teach on a particular date. 

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