Carnelian Tumbled Stone



WHY • To call upon the healing properties of warmth. To renew jaded hearts with a sense of purpose. To beckon forth the pure happiness of creation. Carnelian is a restorative stone, transforming anger into a vibrant lust for life.

HOW • Carnelian alchemizes the lower-frequency emotions associated with the fire element (rage, envy, and destructive tendencies) into healthy rigor and vivacity. It encourages a healing integration of sexuality and creative abilities, imbuing its guardian with a sense of positivity.

WHERE • Meditate with carnelian on or near the sacral chakra (lower abdomen below the navel). Carnelian soothes lower back problems and helps with symptoms of depression.

MANTRA • I believe in the utmost best for myself, my efforts, and my dreams.

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