Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone



WHY • To relish in the wisdom that comes from lived experience, allowing us to take on a divine teaching role. To emphasize the power and strength of gentleness. To promote peace and understanding. Chrysocolla is a mystical companion to the archetype of the wise woman, harnessing the force of the sacred feminine.

HOW • This healing crystal repairs bonds damaged by impulsive actions, helping its guardian recover their natural spontaneity. It eases any fear of seclusion or introversion, strengthening and developing the inner soul world. Chrysocolla gives us the confidence to share our knowledge so that others may benefit.

WHERE • Place chrysocolla on or near the heart chakra (middle of upper chest) to aid in communication involving the sharing of wisdom, knowledge, and experience. An especially helpful stone for musicians and performers, chrysocolla can help keep its guardian grounded in their intuitive self. Keep it close while honing creative and generative practices of any kind.

MANTRA • I gently mold with the power of my wisdom.

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